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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Please don't intimidate me...

When I read it, I actually did laugh out loud.  Then I thought to myself, "What a shame."

Yep the gym that is famous for not judging (cough, cough) has done it again. This time they have decided that all squat racks must be removed from their gyms. This comes as a result of a member complaining that the squat racks were intimidating.

Wait, WHAT??!

Yes, those very same squat racks that I search high and low for are apparently very scary to some people.  Huh...

While I could go on and on about how squatting is probably one of the best exercises that people can do, and that if people want to lose weight (fat) they NEED to lift weights and squat, and that an inanimate object CANNOT intimidate someone, and...

I think it goes far deeper than just this poor squat rack.  It seems that the squat rack, along with people that are in shape are banned from this gym because people want to avoid pain.

They want to avoid acknowledging the pain they feel in their current situation. Whether they are overweight or under-tall, less muscled than they'd like, or just not confident instead of acknowledging what is REALLY going on they opt for "remove anything that may make me take a good, hard look at myself".

Wow, that is scary!

What happens when the outside world...the world outside the purple pizza parties... does not play by these rules? Is there a way to cope? Does anyone say, "Hey, maybe we should take a deeper look at what is going on here?"

Yeah, probably not and that is quite unfortunate as pain is really the only thing that will cause you to change.

Change will occur when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.

So removing anything and everything from your life that makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable is a recipe for misery, not for happiness.

Being intimidated has nothing to do with the 'object' it has everything to do with Y-O-U.  The feelings you are feeling are coming from inside of reaction to a story you have told yourself.  Yep, it is in your head.

I don't mean that like "you're nuts", but literally your reactions to things are based on stories you have in your head. Coming to terms with these stories, or at the very least acknowledging them is the first step.

What are your stories?

Answering this is the first step to losing fat, gaining muscle, freeing yourself from your food addictions, and yes, even freeing you from the fear of the squat rack!

Avoidance is a recipe for keeping you stuck.  Stuck in that place you were waaaaayyyy back when that story in your head first took place.

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