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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why is the truth so hard to find?

I often sit and wonder if I am the only one so fired up about lies in the food industry and the world of nutrition.  Maybe I am the only one that notices.  Surely I must be, otherwise the lies and misinformation would not be there.  There is NO WAY our leaders or government would allow this to happen, right? Companies that lie or misrepresent their products go to jail, are fined, or at least made to openly apologize, right? Cough, cough, cough.  Sorry I almost choked on my Cheerios.

Social media is a great way to keep up with things these days.  Something happens and "blammo" it is out there for everyone to see.  It hadn't even been 2 minutes and everyone in the country-better yet, around the world- was aware that Kim Kardashian was getting divorced.  Or how about when Seal Team Six went in after Saddam? What about learning that General Mills does not need to tell you that the fiber in Fiber One bars is not the same as fiber you would get from 'real food'?  It was on Facebook. You didn't hear about that? What? Really?? Nope, they do not have to tell you that.  So says a judge that heard the class action lawsuit. Yet this 'fake fiber' does not have the health benefits of real fiber, may cause stomach issues, or may even harm women. Specifically women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

An Illinois federal judge disagreed, however, writing that current legislation does not require companies to disclose that processed fiber offers fewer health benefits than natural fiber. And while states may ask for certain exceptions under the federal law, Illinois never obtained one to impose stricter standards.
"It's easy to see why Congress would not want to allow states to impose disclosure requirements of their own on packaged food products, most of which are sold nationwide," Judge Posner wrote. "Manufacturers might have to print 50 different labels, driving consumers who buy food products in more than one state crazy."

Haaa. Ok wait just a minute.  Did you say it is easy to see why Congress would not want to impose disclosure???? You're telling me it would drive people crazy because you would have to make 50 different labels for the product? I must be missing something here.  How about you just make ONE and you have it represent the product accurately.  Meaning you tell the truth.  Why is that so hard to figure out? Don't worry, there will still be plenty of people buying your 'fake fiber' product.  Just look at the number of people still buying McDonald's...and they list the actual fake ingredients of their products..for everyone to see.

Judge Posner said the labeling of Fiber Plus bars, Fiber One bars and other nutritional bar products challenged in the class action lawsuit is compliant with current federal regulations relating to health claims for dietary fibers. 

Oh I see..the problem is that the federal guidelines do not require them to tell the truth...THAT is where social media can work for us to effect change.  Why do I feel that I am the only one making any noise about this?  YOU can do something about this! Use your Facebook, Twitter, website, blog, or email and let your friends, followers, fans, and readers know what is going on.  Certainly if more people knew what was going on more people would demand change. People would demand the truth.  We are killing ourselves with this fake food and the lies that cover it up.

Another fun tidbit found on Facebook (incase you missed it on the news). Pizza is a vegetable.  Yes, you read that right.  Congress has decided that pizza is a vegetable.

Well, it is especially a vegetable when served in schools for lunch.  Seems that some folks got their undies tied in bunches when they were confronted with removing pizza and french fries from school lunches.  The article goes on to say that "...some conservatives in Congress say the federal government shouldn't be telling children what to eat." Cough, cough, cough..darn those Cheerios, almost choked again.

Ok, let me see if I'm getting this straight.  Conservatives think that if they remove pizza and french fries from school lunches then they are telling kids what to eat..meaning they are telling them to eat what is served (the replacement for the pizza and fries)..and Congress does not think that the federal government has the right to do that. Hmmm..ok, so doesn't that then mean that the federal government is telling children to eat whatever they are serving now (pizza and french fries)?? I'm confused.  So if they change what is served then the government is telling kids what to eat, but if they leave it the way it is then they aren't?

Riiiiiiight. I think there is a class that I have missed somewhere along the way called "How to Rationalize Things: The Political Version".  I'm guessing that the book for that class is really small and reads like this: 'Whatever works for me at the time is the truth and what I say goes, period.'

Yes, a tomato is a vegetable.  When it is convenient.  Otherwise it is a fruit. And pizza crust is whole grain.

C'mon people, these are the children that will run the country when you and I are old.  Shouldn't we try to keep them healthy and teach them to tell the truth?  Not just lie because it works at the moment, and oh- by- the- way- we can save lots of money if we pretend french fries and pizza are good for you.

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee said the changes would "prevent overly burdensome and costly regulations and to provide greater flexibility for local school districts to improve the nutritional quality of meals."
School districts had said some of the USDA requirements went too far and cost too much when budgets are extremely tight. 

What cost is too high to ensure the health of our children, our country, our future?
This bill will be voted on this week by YOUR congressmen.  Please read the article and let them know what you think..before it is too late!.