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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't pretend you are doing yourself OR anyone else any favors..

Ok, I've had enough with the "this is good for me" line that people use while drinking red wine or eating chocolate (and NO, I don't care if it IS dark chocolate!!!!). STOP trying to justify things. You KNOW that drinking red wine and eating chocolate does NOT in any way, shape or form make you healthier.
Did you hear that?? DOES NOT MAKE YOU HEALTHIER!!!!!!!!

You: "well, there are powerful antioxidants in red wine and dark chocolate".
Me: (trying not to choke) "Ummm, yeah, ok...about that...can you tell me what exactly you are getting- or trying to get--or what someone TOLD you you were getting?? Didn't think so..."

Before I get into some specifics, let's think about it like this...if I put a little vitamin C into some cocaine, does it make it good for you? Yes, I know you are laughing, but for real-it is the SAME thing. Are there some antioxidants in red wine and dark chocolate? Yes, absolutely! I imagine that you have seen articles and talk shows about it everywhere- resveratrol..and it IS a very potent antioxidant. "Drink red wine, it is good for you" has been plastered everywhere.  Thanks to the average American's need to justify to themselves and everyone else that what they are doing is RIGHT this is just the thing that was needed ! Great, now you don't have to feel bad when you go out for a drink...just don't get the beer, go for the red wine and it is ok. "Have a glass every night" that is what one nurse told a client of mine. GREEEEEAAAAAT take one small piece of 'science' and blow it out of proportion so you hear what you want.  Yes, I did say that resveratrol is found in red wine- and dark chocolate...but I didn't tell you how much.
You will need about 50mg of resveratrol (taken on a consistent basis) to reap benefits from it.  Ok, now let's take a wild guess as to how many glasses of wine it will take for you to reach 50 mg.
No, really..go ahead and guess... 2, 3..keep guessing..

Ok, how about 50 glasses.  Yes, 50!!  FIFTY, 5-0... and let's see, there are what 4 glasses in a bottle..soo that makes about 12.5 bottle of wine. You would need to drink twelve and a half bottles of wine EVERY DAY.  Hmmm, wonder what ELSE would happen if you drank 12.5 bottles of wine every day...let's see, you'd be fat because you just consumed another..7,525 calories (estimate 25 oz/bottle; 24 kcal/oz PER DAY), fat because consuming alcohol basically renders your body unable to breakdown (read: burn) fat, and probably dead from alcohol poisoning. Hmmmm, so how is the benefit of drinking red wine looking NOW???????
I could do the same thing with dark chocolate, but I am hoping that you get the picture from this example. STOP pretending that you are doing yourself any favors....

People have such a need to justify their behavior ESPECIALLY when it comes to nutrition and I'm sorry, but I just can't deal with it any more.  Do I care if you have red wine or dark chocolate? Nope.
Ok well that isn't 100% true.  I do wish that everyone put a little more effort into being healthier, but if you want to have red wine or dark chocolate, then do it.  Just know what is happening when you do it and DO NOT pretend you are doing something good for yourself.

 Please do not use the upcoming gift giving holiday (Valentine's day) as an excuse to have or GIVE wine and/or chocolate to your significant other, your friends, co- workers or clients under the guise of doing something 'healthy'.  This seems much like walking into your financial planner's office and hearing them say:
 "Surprise, for Valentine's day we've decided to do something fun!  Today we are going to invest some of your money in a new company.  It'll be great, just as a one time thing.   Kind of a splurge, it's a holiday so it's ok.  Think of it as our way of saying 'thank you for being a great customer'.  It's going to be so much fun!" Then you find out that the company is going bankrupt.  Oops.  Would you be very happy with your financial planner for recommending something that is 180 degrees from where you wanted to go????  Where you paid them to get you?? And doing it as a 'gift'???!!!!  You hired them to protect your money, and hopefully help it to grow..not to throw it away.  Don't throw away your friend's, family member's, co-worker's or client's hard work with a 'gift'.

Can you reap the benefits of resveratrol? ABSOLUTELY, get it in pill form...not in wine or chocolate form. And please, for God's sake STOP telling yourself you are doing something good when you drink wine.