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Thursday, January 30, 2014

I can't eat healthy, I don't know how to cook!

"I can't eat healthy, I don't know how to cook!"

No, that isn't a joke I actually hear that all the time.

It makes me giggle for a few reasons:

1. You certainly don't look like you are starving so you are feeding yourself somehow.

2. There are plenty of unhealthy things that require cooking too.

3. If you can find a grocery store, and you can use Google, you can cook.

4. Even if you DO eat out you don't need to make poor food choices!

I don't consider what I do "cooking".  Heck I probably only use one or two pans and the crock pot.

Does this sound like "cooking" to you: 2 packages of ground chicken breast, 1 package grass-fed ground beef, 3 packages frozen veggies.

 I think that may be what you are trying to tell yourself..and the world, but what you REALLY mean is that you don't know WHAT TO EAT.

Once we get real honest about the situation, then we can do something about it.

Knowing what to eat is the key whether you are cooking at home or you are eating out.  Whether you are eating on a train, or eating in the rain, or in a box, or with a fox...

Luckily for you I can help with that.  Together with what you will learn from Metabolic Precision you will find yourself looking forward to getting in the kitchen and whipping up some great dishes!

Did I mention that with  Metabolic Precision comes an entire cookbible??? Yep, hundreds of recipes so you can make as simple or as fancy a dish as you'd like.

Why spend one more day confused about what to do? Why spend one more day unhappy with where you are? You are worth it.  Take the step now.

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