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Monday, February 6, 2012

Why are there cookies at my gym?

You probably read the title of this post and figured it was just some cute line written to get your attention and that I would then be discussing some other fun topic.  I am saddened to tell you that that could not be further from the truth.  I really want to know why there were cookies at my gym.  Chocolate chip cookies. In the break room. Right in the middle of the table.  REALLY??? I resisted the urge to toss them in the trash, although to this moment I am not really sure why.

Let's back up just a little.  What is a gym and why do people go there? Searching for the definition of 'gym' you find this: noun, 1. gymnasium, 2. a membership organization that provides a range of facilities designed to improve and maintain physical fitness and health. But nothing about cookies.  In fact, I would dare go as fas as to say that by its definition cookies do not belong in a gym. Well, unless they are designed to improve or maintain one's health. I don't care WHAT kind of cookie you find, it will not do that.  I don't care if it is all natural, 100% organic, gluten free or vegan.  It is a cookie and it will not improve your health.  Therefore it does NOT belong in my gym.

Imagine yourself as a member of the gym.  You walk in all fired up for your training session, having been focused on it and your healthy eating plan for some time now, and in walks a gym employee with cookies or pizza..or better yet, what if it was a delivery man?   What  goes through your mind?  "What the..??!!"
EXAAACCCCTLY!  That is the same thing I say when I see the evidence of such goings-on.  C'mon people, you are here to help people become healthier. Leave the crap at home.  Having cookies at the gym is like leaving a brochure for shoddy hedge-fund investing in the break room of a bank.  You are going to tell people to exercise and eat healthy, then come to the break room and eat your pizza and cookies and drink your soda.  Does that make you feel good about what you are doing? Do you even think about it?
....maybe you should.

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