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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The low down on surviving a relay

Unless you've been under a rock and missed all of my Facebook posts from the weekend you are well aware that I, along with 5 other women, ran the Ragnar Florida Keys Relay from Miami to Key West.  All 200 miles of it.

In case you've never done one, or heard anyone describe it, it goes something like this: Runner #1 starts at start line while the rest of us drive to the exchange point where we let runner #2 out and wait for runner #1 to hand off.  From there we drive to the next exchange where we drop off runner # 3 and wait for runner #2.  And so it goes until we drop runner #1 off again while we wait for runner #6 to finish her leg.

We run through this rotation 6 times until we finally reach our destination- Key West.

Do we sleep? I'm sure someone got a few minutes, but no, not really.

Do we shower? Ummm no.  Can you say "baby wipes and change your clothes???"

Sure the van might not smell like roses and we may be a bit sleep deprived, but we must keep moving forward.

When you embark on an adventure like this pretty much everyone will run their first leg well.  But the key to reaching the finish line in a timely manner is making sure that you can consistently run well.

How do you manage to do that???

The key is to know how to properly fuel for and recover from your run as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I probably shouldn't be sharing these "secrets" that give us the advantage, but I'm betting that even if people DO read this, they won't actually follow through.

Here it is.  Here is the secret to great performance especially repeat performance over a matter of hours.  In this case 6 runs in just over 24 hours, all of which were able to be run at about the same pace (read: no performance decrement) despite the searing sun and heat.

Oh and BTW, that is me on the far left of each of the pictures at the top of the page.  I look like an ultra runner, right? Ha, this supplement combination is also the secret to building and keeping MUSCLE!

Now you know :)

Want to know more? Let me know..

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