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Monday, February 24, 2014

Lose 30 pounds in 30 days

"Buy Now, Pay Later" should be the title of the new book and program being revealed at a local gym.

The book- and program- promise a 30 day 30 pound weight loss strategy.  Hmmm... sounds enticing, huh?

Well, of course it does who wouldn't want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days?? I mean, if you HAD 30 pounds that you 'need' to lose....

Why should you choose this program when all of the others like it have failed?

You see, that's the kicker.. you SHOULDN'T choose this program.  Nope.  Not at all.

It won't work just like all the rest haven't worked.

Yeah, I hear what you are saying, "but Michelle, I DID lose weight doing those others!"

Yep, you did.. and then you gained it back!

And that is exactly what will happen again THIS time.

Let me let you in on a secret..ok, it isn't actually a secret, it's called SCIENCE and lots of people like to ignore it.

You can't trick human physiology.  You can try all you want, but you just can't do it.  The sooner you learn  accept that fact the better off you will be.

Here's the deal: cutting your calories to a level that this book (and many others) suggest causes a really cool hormonal shift in your body.  It causes your body to think you are starving- not necessarily from a caloric perspective(although that can happen to), but from a nutrient perspective.

So what?

Well, this causes your body to actually increase your desire for food (hello cravings and mood swings) as well as causing it to burn fewer calories.  Ever wonder why you have so many food cavings on a low calorie (and nutrient poor) diet? Yep, this would be why.

Ya know what else it does?

It actually causes you to store body fat more readily! Yep, your body wants to survive and this is how it is going to make sure that it does.

Ever wonder why people that drop weight doing things like this put it all back on, and then some?? Yep this is why.  Science.  Physiology.  Can't trick it folks, you just can't.

Right about now you are thinking "yeah, but I'll exercise so I will burn more calories and this won't happen."

Ha ha.  Ok.

Did you know that the more you perform the same exercise- or do the same amount of work the fewer calories you expend?

True story.  Your body becomes efficient and subsequently requires less effort and less energy to perform the given task.

"No problem" you say "I'll just do more work."

Ha ha, sure.  How long can you keep that up?

Besides that - doing this in the midst of cutting your calories will actually cause your body to expend FEWER calories.  So you spend more time exercising and actually burn fewer calories.. and now your body REALLY thinks it is starving ...yep you guessed it- hormonal signals for you to increase food consumption while very efficiently shuttling all of those calories you take in straight to FAT.


So, sure go ahead and buy the book.  Heck, buy the program. I guarantee you will pay later.

You may lose weight in 30 days, but you will set yourself up for a lifetime of struggle.

If you've done programs like this before you probably are already struggling with the effects.

You know who you are.

There is a better way.

This is not it.

You're welcome.

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