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Monday, December 23, 2013

Everyone knows how to train (and eat), right?

Walk in to any gym (even the ones with squat racks) and you'll hear it or see it.  Everyone is an expert.

Don't think its true? Just listen to them.

When we were in LA some of it was so good I actually took notes. No, for real, I did.  Pulled my phone out and typed it right in there so that I would remember what I wanted to share with all of you.

Two guys doing tricep pushdowns; the one directing says to the one doing the work: "turn your left toe in." No, I am not joking, and just to clarify the guy was standing pretty damn straight.

Younger guy talking to a gentleman maybe 20 years his senior is going on about how he is bulking but come January 30 he is going to "start cutting" (love that terminology).  So the older gentleman tells him: "The first rule is to get up in the morning and run on an empty stomach."

I giggled to myself as I reflected on just how interesting it is that everyone in the gym knows everything.

No need to seek a professional, clearly anyone who has ever joined a gym, lifted a weight, lost a pound, gained a pound, ran a mile, or did a jumping jack knows exactly what to do to lose body fat, gain muscle, or improve performance. And they know how to do this IN the gym and IN the kitchen.

What I find so very interesting is that no one seems to think anything of this.  It somehow seems perfectly normal and acceptable especially to those on the receiving end.

Weird, I don't think those same people would take advice on how to fix their car from a 13 year old who just drove for the first time.  I don't think that they would take french cooking lessons from someone who just attempted their first souffl√©.

These same people would think nothing of taking a tennis, golf, or ski lesson.  Heck, most people brag about that going on about how much they spend in an attempt to become better at these sports yet very few do the same with they gym.

So let's see if I am getting this right- in order to become better at tennis, golf, or skiing folks hire a professional that will teach them the best, fastest, and safest way to reach their goal in those respective sports...did I get that right?

Ok, so why then do people wish, and hope, and dream about being stronger, or in better shape, or healthier yet take advice from anyone?

I just don't get it.

I mean, really if YOU wanted to reach your goal wouldn't you seek out the best possible person you could to help you reach it???  I would.  But maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe you like to waste your money.

"But Michelle, there trainers everywhere, how do we know who is a good one?"

Great question...

You can't know..especially if you have no (or very little) experience in the gym.  Everyone who calls themselves a trainer may look and sound like they know what they are talking about....but they don't.

I will tell you this. If you are looking for the top trainers who know about nutrition and training then you are looking for a Metabolic Precision certified trainer.

Most certifications send hopefuls a text and an exam..yes, at the same time...and ask them to answer multiple choice questions.  Some send a text and require and exam to be taken at a testing center..again asking folks to memorize things and then regurgitate them on a multiple guess test.  Not MP.

MP requires that all hopefuls not only learn the material, but also that they demonstrate the understanding of it through its application via essay exam as well as practical application.  MP is a science based and research proven method for reaching your goals.. I don't care if it is body fat loss, muscle mass gain, performance improvement, or something else the certified MP professionals are the ones that can get you there.

As the new year approaches no doubt you or someone you know will be making THAT New Year's Resolution... you know the one I talking about.  Why not hire someone that can get you there safely and teach you how to sustain and maintain the results you achieve? I mean, unless you want to get there and then back slide..

For those of you that are really serious, use this link to find the best trainer you'll ever meet. But only if you are really serious.

Can't find one in your area? No problem these folks are ridiculously good at doing things on line as well. Need help finding just the right person? Just ask, I'm more than happy to be a "match maker".
Find a Metabolic Precision Trainer

Do it.  You'll be glad you did.  No worries, you can thank me later.

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