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Monday, August 27, 2012

I love my job!

It is 10pm and I am sitting in my hotel room reflecting on a weekend in Dallas with GNC.  This weekend was the Vision Women's Expo- a gathering of all type of vendors catering to women. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, cooking demos, CPR classes, teeth whitening, you name it it was here.  Women of all ages attend, often lining up outside before the doors open.

Going into these events with my GNC family, we know our booth will be a big draw. It always is. Offering samples of multi-vitmains, fish oil, meal replacements and protein shakes we find ourselves busy all day while some vendors are left wondering where their customers are.  Although we know we will be a hit, we never know just how many lives we touch until the event comes to an end.  That was the case again this weekend.

I would be lying if I said people aren't excited to get free samples- trust me, they are.  But what they are even happier to get is an answer to a question that has been haunting them, sometimes for years. It often starts with a seemingly innocent comment or question: "Will this curb my hunger?", "Do you have anything that will help me lose weight?", "A friend told me about this product, does it work?" It takes an ear to hear the words coming out of their mouths, but a brain to hear what they are ACTUALLY asking: "Can you help me?". A chance meeting between two people leading to the clarification of  permanent fat loss and dispelling of nutrition myths is a freeing and empowering experience.  Seeing the tears in someone's eyes as they are pouring their heart out to you and the relief and excitement when they realize that they NOW have the answers that they have been longing for is absolutely priceless.  I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to help those around me.  Thank you GNC for affording me this amazing opportunity to help change people's lives.  Live Well!

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  1. Yes! You are a blogger fully now! I'm so excited to learn from you! You HAVE to run Hood to Coast--its amazing and I can't put it into words!