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Sunday, December 5, 2010

So what ARE you eating?

 Have you ever been working on a project for school or work and forgotten what steps you had already completed or what you needed to do next?   Have you ever jumped in your car and headed to work only to realize that you don't know how to get there?  Have you ever been asked what you ate for breakfast, only to find that you couldn't recall? If you are like most, you are probably laughing thinking the first two questions I asked were ridiculous, and found yourself laughing at the third because I hit the nail on the head.  Well, you certainly aren't alone.  Many people, if not most people I talk to cannot recall the foods or meals they ate the prior day, never mind the breakfast they ate that morning yet have little trouble if ANY remembering how to arrive at work without getting lost and exactly how to pick up right where they left off in their projects.  Working in the health and fitness industry where a large percentage of the population is focused on weight loss, I find this quite interesting.

Losing weight and improving your health does NOT happen without some planning.  It is a project, a task, much like anything else.  Just as you would not show up to work expecting tasks to just complete themselves, you should not expect your weight loss to just happen.  Being aware of exactly what you put into your mouth is the first step you must take.  I spent almost every day for over 2 years logging all of my food and meals-what time it was, what I ate and how much I ate .  Taking the time to do this after each meal made brought a certain awareness and it wasn't long before I could recall at the end of each day exactly what I had eaten and log it all at one time. I had become more present in each of my meal times and was no longer "just eating".  I was remembering each step that I was taking on my way to becoming a healthier and more fit person.  That was MY project.  Do I still log my meals? No, generally not.  The years I spent doing so has ingrained in me the mindfulness and awareness that is required to accomplish my task-becoming and remaining healthy.

Aiming for weight loss or improving your health? If you are reading this blog, then the answer must be "YES!".  Take the first step- a three day food log.  Write it all down and meet me back here in a few days.  We'll take an in depth look at what you found.

Food logging= Applause

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